Paprika from La Vera (Spain) "El Caballo de Oros"

The cultivation of pepper for paprika was introduced in La Vera in the 16th century by the monks Jerónimos of the monastery of Yuste.

Little is known of how the red fruit, long, but also round, often spicy, was coming into kitchens and the bakeries using it in its origins for the conservation of food. It seems to be that the Jerónimos monks of the Monastery of Guadalupe, where Columbus arrived after his first trip to America, were the first ones to cultivate the peppers. In some flour mill of the Guadalupejo River would be where for the first time they ground dried peppers.


We can also deduce that the same Jerónimos monks of Guadalupe were the ones to carry the secrets of cultivation of this plant and the mysteries of the elaboration of the new spice to the monastery of Yuste.

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